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Spyder Wheelz e-chopper

You pull up sharply to explore the road smoothly and silently. For long or short trips, and before you know it, you’ve arrived at your destination. Nice and relaxed behind the wheel of your e-chopper, without harmful emissions or noise.

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The benefits of a Spyder Wheelz e-chopper


Economical both on the road and for your wallet. With Spyder Wheelz e-Chopper, everyday hidden costs are a thing of the past. The advantage in comparison to a petrol scooter can be over €1,000 per 10,000 km.


Combine premium features with a fantastic design and add some useful extras! That’s the Spyder Wheelz e-chopper! Equipped top to bottom with features that count.

Lithium ion battery

20 Ah lithium ion battery. 70 kilometre operational radius. Equipped with a Battery Management system function, an intelligent system that turns the battery off if the cells overheat or become damaged. The separate “5 Ah Smart Charger” with integrated cooling system is used for charging.

Steering lock and battery lock

Various measures have been taken to prevent theft. In addition to the standard class 3 alarm and anti-theft system, every Spyder Wheelz e-chopper is equipped with a steering lock and a lock on the battery box.

Digital display

The digital colour display shows all important information such as speed, mileage, battery level, parking protection, lighting and any malfunctions.

Remote + Cruise control

Your Spyder Wheelz e-chopper is supplied with 2 keys and 2 remote controls. The remote control allows you to switch the e-chopper on and off remotely and drive without the key in the ignition. Your e-chopper also features cruise control. Press the red button and you’ll be riding with cruise control. Kick back and relax!

Alarm class 3

Each Spyder Wheelz e-chopper is equipped as standard with a class 3 alarm system. This system includes an acoustic alarm and an anti-theft system. In addition to a loud alarm, the rear wheel is automatically blocked, making towing practically impossible.

Wide tyres

The wide tyres form an essential component of the Spyder Wheelz e-chopper’s unique design. They give it a tough, robust look and also contribute to stable road holding and good traction on the road surface.

Single seat

If you’re getting on your Spyder Wheelz e-chopper for a trip, then you want to be sure you’re sitting comfortably. This spacious single seat guarantees this. If you want to take someone with you, that’s no problem, although we wouldn’t recommend this for longer trips.

Smartphone holder + USB charger

Get on the road with your e-chopper and simply put any type of smartphone in the smartphone holder to read out your route or to listen to music. No danger of running down your phone battery, as your e-chopper will charge it as you ride.

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Spyder Wheelz’s activities are focused on the sale and hire of electrical vehicles for leisure, tourist and promotional purposes. Our aim is to offer the leisure market and its customers a special, popular and environmentally friendly experience. Spyder Wheelz e-choppers are ideal for hiring, as they are low maintenance and the batteries are easy to exchange, making continuous hire an option. Would you like to chat about what suits you? Get in touch and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about your collaboration options.

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It’s fun to ride on a Spyder Wheelz e-chopper! Nearly totally silent operation and emissions-free. Want to experience the feeling of freedom during this unique trip? Discover a city or the countryside on our wonderful e-choppers. On a Spyder Wheelz, you can discover places in a relaxed, environmentally friendly and unique way, without damaging nature. You can book through our platform on or easily through one of our affiliated partners. So go out and ride an e-chopper for the day - you won’t regret it!

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Have you ridden an e-chopper, and did you enjoy it? Would you like to ride your own e-chopper? You can! Select an original Spyder Wheelz. You are choosing the original, and selecting a product and company with many years of experience and an eye for quality. Using this strategy, Spyder Wheelz has achieved a 90% market share in the Netherlands. A Spyder Wheelz is RDW approved, equipped with premium features, bundled in a genius design. A Spyder Wheelz e-chopper is equipped all over with innovative features, and complies with the European standards.

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