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Important information and tips for vehicle user. Please become familiar with the content, it will ease the efficient and trouble-free use of the e-chopper of the vehicle.

  • Take a seat on the e-Chopper and turn ignition key one (1) click to the right; two clicks to the right will turn on the head and rear light.
  • Fold in the kickstand; the motor does not work with the kickstand extended. Attention: the electric motor makes no sound, even though the throttle is active.
  • Gently turn the throttle to start driving and to get used to steering with the wide tires. Vehicle should be driven carefully and sensibly.
  • Always brake with both brake levers!
  • Always follow the traffic rules (mofas).
  • Always park the e-Chopper in sight and locked at intermediate stops


  • Driver must be in possession of a valid driver’s license (AM).
  • Contact the lessor immediately in case of damage, traffic violation or an accident.
  • Maximum kilometre’s to be driven (range): 55 km.
  • Maximal 1 rider – maximum load: 120 Kg. including luggage.

Operating elements & Speedometer

  1. Lighting (low / high beam)
  2. Turn signals
  3. Horn (green button)
  4. Adjustable phone holder by means of red rotary knob. USB charging port
  1. Throttle
  2. Cruise control (red button)
  3. Ignition
  1. Speed
  2. Battery status
    Important: The 10 diagonal stripes indicate battery status and your range. The voltage shown indicates the power consumption.
  3. Milage (mark start mileage in regard to the maximum range)