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About Spyder Wheelz

As a pioneer in the e-chopper market, Patrick de Wit founded Spyder Rent Group Nederland in December 2017. By now, we have grown into the e-chopper market leader of the Netherlands, both in B2B sales as well as consignment deals with holiday parks and hotels.

Our rugged and sustainable electric choppers are an ideal investment if you are looking for a green and unique alternative to existing rental products, such as the Solex. If you take into account the fact that, in accordance with the Klimaatakkoord (Climate Agreement), all new mopeds should be electrically powered from 2025, the high-quality Spyder Wheelz products seem the logical solution.

With a head office in Bodegraven, our own rental location and store in Zandvoort and various Service Partners, we cater to a nation-wide network. From 2021, Spyder Wheelz will even roll out its business model in other European countries as part of its objective to become the European e-chopper market leader.


Everything we do is exclusively aimed at the success of our customers and our concepts. We believe that business can only be done by people. This is a principle we have always prioritised in the past, and we will continue to do so in the future. That is why we always treat our customers politely, kindly, and with the greatest possible appreciation. Our customers should always feel at ease with us.

SRGN wants to continue developing its leading market position in the Netherlands both in the sale and consignment of e-choppers, and realise its European ambitions. Thanks to the strategy applied and the success achieved in the Netherlands, we can offer foreign distributors a “proven copy-paste” model.

Spyder Wheelz is a young, progressive and innovative organisation that specialises in the production and sale of electrical, sustainable vehicles.


Several years ago, Patrick de Wit asked a number of important questions with regard to sustainable mobility: (a) What is our business; (b) What is it going to be and; (c) What should it be? These three questions, though they may seem straightforward, are actually the most fundamental questions an organisation could ask itself. The answers are based on an analysis of the underlying societal needs that an organisation should fulfil. The fulfilment of those needs is the business of the organisation.

Spyder Wheelz will continue to push the boundaries of design and technology of unique electrical vehicles, primarily for the Leisure Industry. Spyder Wheelz stands for vehicular innovation with a significant Fun & Wow factor and the development of (unmanned) station-based rental solutions. Continuous further development, constant observation of new trends and increased productivity in all areas will ensure our long-term success.

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Spyder Wheelz’s activities are focused on the sale and hire of electrical vehicles for leisure, tourist and promotional purposes. Our aim is to offer the leisure market and its customers a special, popular and environmentally friendly experience. Spyder Wheelz e-choppers are ideal for hiring, as they are low maintenance and the batteries are easy to exchange, making continuous hire an option. Would you like to chat about what suits you? Get in touch and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about your collaboration options.

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It’s fun to ride on a Spyder Wheelz e-chopper! Nearly totally silent operation and emissions-free. Want to experience the feeling of freedom during this unique trip? Discover a city or the countryside on our wonderful e-choppers. On a Spyder Wheelz, you can discover places in a relaxed, environmentally friendly and unique way, without damaging nature. You can book through our platform on or easily through one of our affiliated partners. So go out and ride an e-chopper for the day - you won’t regret it!

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Have you ridden an e-chopper, and did you enjoy it? Would you like to ride your own e-chopper? You can! Select an original Spyder Wheelz. You are choosing the original, and selecting a product and company with many years of experience and an eye for quality. Using this strategy, Spyder Wheelz has achieved a 90% market share in the Netherlands. A Spyder Wheelz is RDW approved, equipped with premium features, bundled in a genius design. A Spyder Wheelz e-chopper is equipped all over with innovative features, and complies with the European standards.

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