Founded in December 2017, Spyder Wheelz is a pioneer in the e-chopper market. We have since become the leading E-Chopper provider in Europe, excelling in both B2B sales and consignment placements at holiday parks and hotels.

Our stylish and sustainable electric choppers are an ideal investment as a green and unique alternative to existing rental products, such as the Solex. They also make a fantastic addition to any activity offering or event location.

With our headquarters in Houten, a dedicated rental point and store in Zandvoort, and various service partners both domestically and internationally, we have established a nationwide network in the Netherlands and continue to expand across Europe. Since 2021, Spyder Wheelz has extended its business model to other European countries with the goal of becoming the European leader in the E-Chopper market. In short, Spyder Wheelz is your “Home of the E-Chopper”.

At Spyder Wheelz, we primarily focus on the business market as our main target audience. Our mission is to offer stylish and sustainable electric vehicles that companies can rent and sell to end users, primarily in the leisure sector, for group events and activities. We believe that being cool and sustainable can go hand in hand. Our innovative e-choppers are specially designed to enhance the mobility experience of end users while being environmentally friendly. We strive for energy-efficient solutions that contribute to a greener future for urban and suburban transportation. We understand the importance of comfort and convenience for our business clients and aim to provide them with high-quality products and excellent service.

Through our mission, we aim to inspire others to choose sustainable transportation and contribute to a cleaner, healthier, and more connected world, especially in the leisure sector. We build long-lasting relationships with our business partners based on trust and mutual benefit, working together to promote sustainable transportation and create unique and enjoyable experiences for end users. We don’t just sell a product, but an experience. Our goal is to assist our customers in achieving their goals to the best of our ability.

Maintenance-free & low-maintenance
Technically high
Low noise
Sustainable & Emission-free
Cool design
Always sufficient stock

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