Looking for a true powerhouse on wheels? Then the E-Chopper Goliath is your new hero! This off-road model has everything you need to tackle any challenge. With its enormous rugged tires and extra-strong electric motor, it reigns supreme over any terrain.

Whether you work in construction, have a farming business, or simply love off-road adventures, the Goliath is the ideal choice. With two luggage racks, you have plenty of space to carry your belongings, and the rugged tires provide maximum grip and stability on any surface.

The Goliath lives up to its name: it’s a tough and powerful machine that impresses everyone who sees it. With the Goliath beneath you, you’ll feel like a true boss!

Of course, the Goliath is also equipped with all the important extras, such as oil brakes, a display, headlights, a steering lock, Class 3 alarm, a two-person seat, and passenger footrests. The battery has a range of 50-70 kilometers, depending on the conditions.

With the Goliath, you won’t shy away from any challenge. Ready for the ultimate off-road experience? Then the E-Chopper Goliath is the only right choice! Please note: This vehicle is currently only suitable for off-road use.

One year guarantee on all parts
Technically advanced and certified according to ECC standards
Spyder Wheelz vehicles require minimal maintenance

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Duwboot 99
3991 CG Houten

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