Spyder Wheelz is the authority when it comes to E-Choppers, with over 5 years of experience in everything related to these electric vehicles. From design and maintenance to parts, rental, sales, software, insurance, exporting, and international regulations, we are experts in every aspect.

Our E-Choppers, inspired by rugged American motorcycles, are fully electric. Perfect for both urban exploration and rural areas, with an impressive range of 50-70 km. Safety and environmental friendliness are paramount, while the E-Chopper is also highly user-friendly. Easy to start and operate. With various controllers, the E-Chopper can reach a maximum speed of 25 or 45 km/h.

Trust Spyder Wheelz, the leading authority on E-Choppers, for an unmatched experience and extensive knowledge of these exciting electric vehicles.

The benefits of a Spyder Wheelz vehicle

Maintenance-free & low-maintenance
Technically high
Low noise
Sustainable & Emission-free
Cool design
Sufficient stock


The E-Chopper Wolf is a rugged, sustainable, and low-maintenance electric scooter, perfect for business customers looking for a rental vehicle. With a speed of 25 km/h, a weight of 57 kg, and a whisper-quiet electric motor, the E-Chopper Wolf is fast, lightweight, and agile. The unique design with thick tires and a wide handlebar provides a comfortable riding experience. The phone holder with USB connection and the virtually invisible battery design make this model even more appealing. With a range of 50-70 km, oil brakes, a steering lock, and plug-and-play components, the Wolf is low-maintenance and perfect for rental purposes.




The name of this special edition model says it all. This E-Chopper has something special. The Lynx guarantees turning heads as you ride by. Technically, you get everything that our Wolf offers. However, the rims are beautifully matte black and the frame is fully painted to match. It truly gives the WOW factor to this vehicle and can rightly be called an eye-catching E-Chopper.


Hot Pink
Sky Blue
Nardo Grey


Discover the E-Chopper Panther, an electric scooter with even more rugged and practical extras than the base model Wolf. With black rims, rear suspension, a painted frame, and the ability to increase the speed up to 45 km/h, the Panther offers an even more robust and sustainable riding experience. With oil brakes, a display, headlight, steering lock, alarm class 3, and a two-person saddle, the Panther is also maintenance-friendly and has a range of 50-70 km. This is a top choice to offer to your customers. Order the stylish Panther now and become a dealer of Spyder Wheelz!


All Black


Introducing the E-Chopper Goliath, the ultimate powerhouse on wheels for off-road adventures. With its rugged tires, strong electric motor, and impressive appearance, the Goliath is the ideal choice for construction and farming businesses, as well as off-road enthusiasts. With all the essential extras and a range of 50-70 km, the Goliath is ready to tackle any challenge. Discover the power of the Goliath and experience the ultimate off-road adventure.


Grey & Black Camouflage

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