Rent E-choppers at your rental company

Do you own a rental company or are you a tour operator looking to rent out a unique vehicle? The E-choppers from Spyder Wheelz are real eye-catchers and a valuable addition to your inventory. An E-chopper is the ideal mode of transportation to explore a specific city or beautiful area in a unique way. Find out more about what the E-chopper exactly is or easily get in touch with us for any inquiries you may have.

Rental Location

As a rental location, it’s important to offer high-quality two-wheelers to keep customers satisfied and retain repeat customers. Our electric choppers are of top quality and provide a unique experience that customers will appreciate. By investing in our electric choppers, you can benefit from a profitable investment that is easily recouped. Examples of rental locations where the E-Chopper would fit well include bicycle and scooter shops, water sports locations, and camper and caravan rentals.

Event and Activity Locations

Our electric choppers are the perfect addition to events and activity locations. They provide an environmentally friendly and sustainable mode of transportation for visitors who want to explore the surroundings. Our choppers are also ideal for group outings for both individuals and the corporate market, offering a unique and fun activity for your guests. By investing in our electric choppers, you can benefit from a profitable investment that makes your events and activities even more appealing to visitors.


If your company is interested in setting up a consignment model, you can take advantage of the benefits of renting out our maintenance-free electric choppers. By offering our choppers to smaller businesses, you can benefit from an additional revenue stream without the smaller parties having to bear the risks of their own investment. Naturally, you would receive the majority of the generated revenue. Our choppers are of top quality and provide a profitable opportunity for businesses interested in sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Renting out E-choppers? Easily get in touch with us!

Do you also see the potential in renting out E-choppers? Easily get in touch with us to ask all your questions. Do you want personalized E-choppers? There are many colors and options available. Ask us about the possibilities!

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