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Do you want to offer more to your guests at your accommodation and provide them with a true experience? The E-choppers from Spyder Wheelz are perfect for this. By cruising with a group on the emission-free and completely silent E-choppers from Spyder Wheelz, your guests will have a day they won’t soon forget. Additionally, the E-choppers are very convenient for traveling from your accommodation to a nearby supermarket or town. Curious about all the offerings of the E-choppers? Simply get in touch with us.

For families and business guests

Discover the added value of E-Choppers for your accommodation. These electric vehicles provide an enhancement during the stay for both families and business guests. Allow your guests to explore the beautiful surroundings and enjoy an extra dimension. With specially curated routes, they won’t miss any attractions. The phone holder and built-in USB charger provide convenience and the ability to stay connected at all times. Conclude the ride at your own location with coffee, pastries, lunch, or a refreshing snack. The acquisition of E-Choppers not only strengthens your accommodation but also increases your revenue. After business meetings, offer your clients a unique activity to relax and explore the area. You can even add an augmented reality game. In the evening, end the day with a dinner or drinks at the hotel. Choose our sustainable and eco-friendly E-Choppers and leave a lasting impression on your business clients.

Distinguish yourself from the competition

Differentiate your accommodation from the competition and offer your guests a unique experience with our E-Chopper routes. Enjoy the freedom to explore the surroundings during your stay. Rent the Spyder Wheelz vehicles for a few hours, a day, or even for the entire duration of your stay, allowing you to travel easily. Also, provide organized tours that guests can sign up for, creating added value compared to other accommodations. The addition of Spyder Wheelz E-Choppers will undoubtedly have a positive impact on occupancy rates and also offer local residents the opportunity to discover your accommodation. E-Choppers are a valuable addition to various types of accommodations, such as hotels, bed & breakfasts, farm campsites, camping grounds, holiday parks, and many more.

Interested in using E-Choppers at your accommodation?

Do you think it would be a great addition to your location to rent or use E-Choppers? Your guests can enjoy the city or village silently and emission-free in this way. Don’t hesitate any longer and easily request more information or get in touch with us.

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