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Spyder Wheelz is a Dutch company that has own-label electric vehicles produced by third parties. We focus on parties that organise hire and events and who wish to offer their customers a special, popular and environmentally-friendly experience. Having developed a range of interesting cooperation models, we would love to work together with partners.

We facilitate a range of purchase, rental, consignment and partner models and are also happy to work with you on local and national marketing. Spyder Wheelz e-choppers are low maintenance and the batteries are easy to exchange. This allows continuous hire with a fast cost recovery model.

Why Spyder Wheelz?

Spyder Wheelz is a 100% Dutch company and e-chopper market leader. Over our three years of operation, we have welcomed a range of satisfied customers in the events and hire sector along with almost all the Dutch A-label holiday parks and hotel chains. Our sturdy and sustainable e-choppers are an ideal investment as an environmentally-friendly alternative in existing ranges within hire or event companies.

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Our partners


We’d be delighted to collaborate with you!

Our partners can utilise our shared marketing. Spyder Wheelz operates the platform that manages a nationwide network of Spyder Wheelz rental partners. focuses on groups of at least 20 people who want to experience a nice day out with the Spyder Wheelz E-Chopper. Is the group bigger than your vehicle fleet? No problem! Using our partner network, you can be certain of receiving support, and you can book up to 200 vehicles from our central stock.

The online platform provides partners with a booking service as well as a range of back office functions. This allows you to make pre-payments and settle invoices with a click of the mouse.


Spyder Wheelz Rent Group B.V. is an ambitious organisation with a whole new way of looking at mobility.

Mobility which, for example, prepares the events and rental sector for a sustainable future and aims to offer its E-chopper users a unique, distinctive experience in style.

Spyder Wheelz will continue to increase its national market leading e-chopper position and roll it out internationally. The aim is to become Europe’s largest station-based hire product.

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As an official importer and brand, Spyder Wheelz is responsible for the soundness and legal liability of its vehicles. Product liability insurance is covered worldwide and covers the product’s liability up to €5,000,000 per occurrence per vehicle. For this purpose, intensive internal and external quality inspections of the vehicles and batteries are carried out annually.


If you are interested in a financial lease, we can put you in touch with various partners. Several partners have been able to earn back their investments within a year.


Since 2018, Spyder Wheelz has welcomed many satisfied customers in the hire and events sector and enjoyed successful collaborations with almost all the major leisure parks, such as Roompot, Center Parcs, Landal, Molecaten and hotel chains such as van der Valk, Fletcher, Hilton and many more.


Spyder Wheelz hires out e-choppers from its branches in Zandvoort or Bodegraven or in cooperation with its affiliated partners through the platform. No group too large or location too wild. Get in touch with us if you’d like become a Spyder Wheelz partner too!

Are you interested in becoming a Spyder Wheelz partner? Just get in touch!