Spyder Wheelz is a Dutch company that has own-label electric vehicles produced by third parties. We focus on parties that organise hire and events and who wish to offer their customers a special, popular and environmentally-friendly experience. Having developed a range of interesting cooperation models, we would love to work together with partners.

We facilitate a range of purchase, rental, consignment and partner models and are also happy to work with you on local and national marketing. Spyder Wheelz e-choppers are low maintenance and the batteries are easy to exchange. This allows continuous hire with a fast cost recovery model.


Spyder Wheelz is a 100% Dutch company and e-chopper market leader. Over our three years of operation, we have welcomed a range of satisfied customers in the events and hire sector along with almost all the Dutch A-label holiday parks and hotel chains. Our sturdy and sustainable e-choppers are an ideal investment as an environmentally-friendly alternative in existing ranges within hire or event companies.