Step 1: Choose Your E-Chopper Model

Select the desired E-Chopper model: Wolf, Panther, or Goliath. Click on the corresponding button.

Step 2: Fill in the Details

Enter the number of E-Choppers you want to purchase. Also, specify the rental price per tour (excluding VAT). Recommended rental price: €29,- excluding VAT (approximately €35,- including VAT).

Step 3: Calculate the Results

Press ‘Calculate’. The calculator will display the purchase price including a helmet and the total insurance costs for the first year, resulting in the number of rental tours needed to recoup your investment.

Step 4: Reset if Necessary

Use the “Reset” button to clear data and recalculate.


*All amounts are excluding VAT.
*The indicated prices are based on Dutch rates.
*No rights can be derived from this calculation.