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Spyder Wheelz

Spyder Wheelz sells, rents and customises innovative electric vehicles such as the e-chopper and the e-fatbike. View the collaboration options here to find out how together, we can make the world that bit brighter and better. Ride with us!

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Spyder Wheelz’s activities are focused on the sale and hire of electrical vehicles for leisure, tourist and promotional purposes. Our aim is to offer the leisure market and its customers a special, popular and environmentally friendly experience. Spyder Wheelz e-choppers are ideal for hiring, as they are low maintenance and the batteries are easy to exchange, making continuous hire an option. Would you like to chat about what suits you? Get in touch and we’ll tell you everything there is to know about your collaboration options.

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It’s fun to ride on a Spyder Wheelz e-chopper! Nearly totally silent operation and emissions-free. Want to experience the feeling of freedom during this unique trip? Discover a city or the countryside on our wonderful e-choppers. On a Spyder Wheelz, you can discover places in a relaxed, environmentally friendly and unique way, without damaging nature. You can book through our platform on or easily through one of our affiliated partners. So go out and ride an e-chopper for the day - you won’t regret it!

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Have you ridden an e-chopper, and did you enjoy it? Would you like to ride your own e-chopper? You can! Select an original Spyder Wheelz. You are choosing the original, and selecting a product and company with many years of experience and an eye for quality. Using this strategy, Spyder Wheelz has achieved a 90% market share in the Netherlands. A Spyder Wheelz is RDW approved, equipped with premium features, bundled in a genius design. A Spyder Wheelz e-chopper is equipped all over with innovative features, and complies with the European standards.

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