Welcome to Spyder Wheelz, the 100% Dutch company that produces innovative electric vehicles. Our E-Choppers, E-Steps and other cool and sustainable vehicles are supplied to, among others, two-wheeler specialty stores, rental event locations, and vacation accommodations. With us, you are at the right address for the ultimate driving experience.


At Spyder Wheelz, we have a cool fleet with a varied selection of electric vehicles. Not only are we the “Home of the E-Chopper”, but we also provide our customers with the E-Step and E-Fatbike. Our signature E-Chopper comes in different editions, including a special edition with matte black rims and a frame in the same color as the fenders. Looking for more adventure? Check out our E-Chopper with suspension or go all out with our off-road model. At Spyder Wheelz, you have plenty of options to conquer your market. Check out all the features and information on our products page and join the ride!

Why Spyder Wheelz?

– Largest and most experienced supplier
– Always sufficient stock
– Fast & service oriented
– Spyder Wheelz academy app
– European network
– Continuously innovative product adjustments

Maintenance-free & low-maintenance
Technically high
Sustainable & Emission-free
Cool design
Always sufficient stock


At Spyder Wheelz, we are proud of our collaborations both inside and outside of the Netherlands. Since our start in 2018, our partners have helped us grow by smartly leveraging the popularity of our Spyder Wheelz vehicles. They offer activities for both small and large groups, demonstrating the popularity of our vehicles. Join the ride and become a Spyder Wheelz partner too!

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Our Spyder Wheelz vehicles are not just a cool activity, but also a sustainable and electric means of transportation with a high WOW-factor. More and more consumers are using our E-Chopper as an alternative to polluting vehicles. That is why we have created special packages for scooter shops, motorcycle dealers and other two-wheeler specialists, so that they can easily meet the demand of consumers for the one and only Spyder Wheelz brand. Impress your customers with our innovative vehicles, contribute to a sustainable future, and become a (partial) dealer of Spyder Wheelz!

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Have you ever seen our Spyder Wheelz E-Choppers while staying at a holiday accommodation? Holidaymakers love them! What could be better than going on an adventure with the whole family in a sustainable and cool way during your vacation? And as the owner of a holiday accommodation, you have the opportunity to offer your guests exactly that. Give them an unforgettable experience and let them discover your beautiful surroundings on a Spyder Wheelz vehicle.

Spyder Wheelz at your accommodation


At Spyder Wheelz, we also offer leasing options for our vehicles. We have developed an attractive model where you only have to pay for 6 months per year. The lease contract runs for 3 years and each year you pay a significantly lower amount. This way, you can use our top-quality vehicles in an affordable way.


Are you interested in renting out Spyder Wheelz E-Choppers to your guests, but not sure how to go about it? Don’t worry, Spyder Wheelz is happy to help. There are various rental software options available that you can use to efficiently rent out your E-Choppers to your guests.


Do you want to take your rental activities to the next level and attract more customers? At Spyder Wheelz, you can participate in our platform This gives you access to a stream of potential customers in your region. Once you receive a request, you can directly contact the customer. Curious about the possibilities of Click the button below and find out more.


Spyder Rent Group Nederland B.V. is a pioneer in the e-chopper market and has been active since December 2017. We have since grown to become the market leader in the Netherlands for e-choppers, both in B2B sales and in consignment at holiday parks and hotels.

Our sturdy and sustainable electric choppers are an ideal investment as a green and unique alternative to existing rental products such as the Solex. Moreover, they are a great addition to your current activities or event location.

With our headquarters located in Houten, our own rental point and shop in Zandvoort, and several dealers and service partners throughout the Netherlands, we serve a nationwide network. Our business model has also been rolled out in other European countries since 2021 with the aim of becoming the European market leader in e-choppers. In short, at Spyder Wheelz you are in good and professional hands.

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